The Fairywren board turns your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged desktop computer

Credit: GeekRoo

The Raspberry Pi is already an awesome computer-on-a-stick, but if you need a little more power, check out the Fairywren. It's a new Mini-ITX motherboard from the Australian Geekroo that converts your Raspberry Pi into a desktop computer.

Plugging your Raspberry Pi into this board gives you a fully functional suite of four USB ports, a 2.5-inch hard drive bay, and connections for a 24-pin power supply. Meanwhile, on the backside you’ll find all the AV connections you'll need, including HDMI as well as DVI. There’s also a built in IR remote module to make it the perfect XBMC box.

All this goodness comes on a 17-square-centimeter sheet of PCB, and you can get one for a £40 pledge (about $60). That said, this custom iTX motherboard still needs a case and does not come with a Raspberry Pi, and it’s actually more than twice as expensive as the Raspberry Pi itself.

If you want to convert your Raspberry Pi into an iTX computer you should check out GeekRoo’s Kickstarter and pledge today.


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