Think your cat is even lazier than you? Use a FitBit and find out for sure

Ed Hunsinger
Good kitteh!

When Ed Hunsinger ended up with two FitBit fitness trackers, it didn't take him too long to find a use for it: He put it on his (slightly podgy) cat.

After making sure that Bunki the Tabby didn't mind have a FitBit on her collar, he set up her own FitBit tracker account. The results are kind of typical for an indoor cat, but nonetheless interesting. It's safe to say Bunki gets her fair share of cat naps, due the the non-existent movement for hours at a time during the day and early morning.

For most of the morning, late afternoon, and eveningm though, Bunki is what FitBit considers "very active," amassing around 1700 steps on a typical day. Of course, it's not clear whether the FitBit realizes that Bunki has four legs and not not two, and how much of that scratching and grooming it detects. Work it, kitties!

[Ed Hunsinger via Laughing Squid]

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