PSA: Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide edition now available on Steam

Good news everyone! Skulls of the Shogun is now available for your downloading pleasure... for the rest of us, that is. The game has spent the last few months in a sort of purgatory: its PC release was exclusive to Windows 8, so if you’re among the majority of folks who don’t own Microsoft’s latest operating system, the PC version remained out of reach—until now.

The new Bone-A-Fide edition brings the whole shebang to Steam, adding a new story for the single-player campaign, brand new multiplayer maps, and a new unit, the Tanuki monk.

The new Tanuki Monk is a pretty curious character.

17Bits’ turn-based strategy game has been available for months, and it’s rather good—a fun, funny campaign coupled with excellent combat mechanics makes for a raucous good time. The game is also available on multiple platforms, leaving room for plenty of cross-platform chicanery with friends and foes alike. It’ll set you back $15, and you can find it on Steam, or on 17Bits’ site.

What, still here? Fine, have a trailer.

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