NASA celebrates Curiosity's first year on Mars with this highlight reel

August 6th marks one year since NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars in a process that required the car-sized robot to endure "seven minutes of terror." To commemorate the occasion, NASA has put together a short video entitled “Twelve Months in Two Minutes; Curiosity’s first year on Mars.”

The video is a bit...silent, and the photographs are all in black and white, but it's incredible that these 548 images taken from the surface of Mars over the course of an entire year can be condensed into just a couple of minutes.

I mean, we sent a big-ass robot to Mars. Think about that for a second.

If you watched Karl Sanford’s time-lapse video in May, this is a very similar viewing experience, although the quality is slightly better and NASA has released more photos since Karl made his version. Either way, I’ll never get tired of watching Curiosity’s journey across the Martian surface.

[YouTube via The Verge]

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