This guy wants to build a TARDIS for a good cause, and you can help

Alan Hoyle/Kickstarter

Doctor Who, as popular as it is, inspires plenty of events and fan-made projects based on the series. With the show's 50th anniversary coming up, a lot more projects are in planning, too.

Alan Hoyle's TARDIS replica project is a particularly inspiring one though. According to his Kickstarter, he's looking for £900 (about $1400 US) from backers to help him and youths he works with through his sport charity, Aspire 2 Achieve, to build a TARDIS, complete with lights and sounds. An infrared sensor located in the top of the replica, connected to a Sonic Screwdriver-shaped remote, will control the whole thing.

Once built, it will stop at various events throughout the UK, plus visit children's hospitals, schools, parties, and conventions. Everyone at a replica TARDIS event will get a Doctor Who-themed goodie bag, too, filled with cakes and cookies and things. Mmmm. Good luck Alan!


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