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Distant Worlds gives 4X Players a huge galaxy and many options

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At a Glance

Anyone who likes complex games and prefers being a governor to being a god should check out Distant Worlds.

Price when rated: $30 for core game, $100 for core with all expansions


  • Deep game system for ships, technology, and government
  • Micromanagement is user-defined
  • Pirate and "pre-warp" play add new options


  • Control is less total than in many 4x games
  • No trial or demo
  • Some bugs
Distant_Worlds_established empire

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Damaged Lithium Ion battery explodes

Sep 17, 2014 12:00 AM

Japan's National Institute for Technology and Evaluation (NITE) tested a Lithium Ion battery about the size of one used in a cellphone. It was struck with a hammer then left on a work bench, unconnected from any apparatus. The result was explosive.


Damaged Lithium Ion battery explodes

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