Norton and Trend Micro Simplify Security with New Releases

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I’ve been trying both Norton and Titanium this week and found them better behaved than security products of the past, including both company’s own past efforts. But this article isn’t a review–the biggest question about any security package is still how well it protects you from threats, and I’m not in a position to judge that.

For what it’s worth, both companies have commissioned well-known third-party testing organizations to put their products through their paces. You probably won’t be shocked to learn that all the results make the products of the commissioning company look good.

Here, for instance, is Norton using benchmarks by to show that NIS is the most effective malware fighter:

Norton and Trend Micro Simplify Security with New Releases

And here’s Trend Micro’s chart based on tests by NSS Labs that show it catching the most threats before they execute on a PC:

Norton and Trend Micro Simplify Security with New Releases

Of course, there’s nothing fundamentally conflicting about the two companies’ charts: They’re reporting on different tests, and neither company’s tests include the other one’s brand-new version. I’ll be curious to see what conclusions PCWorld,, and other independent sites come to when they compare these and other 2011 versions.

So what security software do you run, Windows users–and how happy (or unhappy) a camper are you?

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