Nerdy Nail Art Designs

Skip that mundane manicure and get your geek on with these nerdy nail art designs.

Geek Chic

No one should be shocked that geek culture infiltrates many, many areas of our lives. Whether it be vacation destinations, tattoos, or cake designs... and the list goes on. Even the trendiest of salons should be prepared for the unexpected: geek nail art.

Impossible, you say? Well to that, I say: "You mean 'improbable'." Even not so improbable, as I have photgraphic evidence. Read on!

Mario May Be 25, But These Nails Are New

What better way to celebrate Mario's 25th birthday (seems just like yesterday...sigh) than to dress up your digits with Mario's visual history?

Photo: Geekologie

A Close Up of Steve Jobs' Fingers

Okay, not really. But these are really terrifically rendered. I mean, they probably won't win you a free iPad or anything. But you have to admit, this is exactly what you remember Fruit Brute looked like.

Photo: WalYou

Even Your Fingernails are Social. Demented and Sad, But Social

Admittedly, even I would somewhat scoff at this idea. Twitter? Facebook?! Well, at least these aren't permanent. Believe me, that's not cool. I still don't know what to do with my MySpace tattoo...

Photo: GirlSoCool

That's Quite a Feet...

Well, this receives an "A" for effort. Well, actually, "A" for Captain America! Nice to have the Avengers on your toes when you're kicking butt.

Photo: Geekologie

Byte Your Nails

Tell me this isn't the coolest design you've seen for nails in a long time. A simple enough concept: binary code on the nails. Who would know that an array of ones and zeroes would produce a beautiful fingernail design? Well, beautiful enough...until you translate the message.

photo: Bit Rebels

Uhura Would be Proud

You just knew that someone out there would do some Trek nails, didn't ya? Well, here they are. And I must say, they're pretty good. I mean, YOU try painting the Enterprise on your thumb and see how well you do.

Photo: GirlSoCool

The Geekiest Nail Design is...

iPhone apps. You read that right. iPhone. Apps. For fingernail designs. Seriously. I cannot think of anyone aside from Steve Jobs who would paint their nails like app icons. Absolutely ridiculous, and therefore the absolute geekiest. Congratulations. Now go get some ethyl acetate.

Photo: Gizmodo AU