Track Amazon Price Drops with Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel gives you a full price history of nearly any product on Amazon.
Recently I've been rewatching the beloved sci-fi series "Firefly" and thinking how great it would be to own on Blu-ray.

Like many shoppers, I started my search at Amazon--where "Firefly: The Complete Series" on Blu-ray sells for $49.99. Ouch. Too rich for my poor blogger blood.

Fortunately, I'm in no rush, so I copied the URL for the product page, then headed to camelcamelcamel--the ultimate site for Amazon shoppers (and arguably the most unfortunately named service since failed dot-com Flooz).

Camelcamelcamel (which I will hereafter refer to as CCC) lets you set up price-watch alerts for virtually any Amazon product. For example, when Amazon (or a third-party seller) drops that "Firefly" collection to below $25, CCC will notify me via e-mail and/or Twitter.

You can even set up an RSS feed for an individual product or all the products you're tracking.

But wait, there's more. CCC provides price-history charts that date back as far as a year. That's a great help in researching your product and figuring out a reasonable amount for your price-watch alert.

The "Firefly" set has been as low as $27 from Amazon--and $22 from third-party resellers. But, currently, no one has it for less than $34. So I think setting my price watch at $25 makes sense.

CCC lets you import your Amazon Wish List, a big time-saver. There's also a "Camelizer" Firefox add-on, Chrome extension, and bookmarklet that gives you one-click access to price-history charts--not just for Amazon, but also for Best Buy and Newegg.

Finally, CCC has prefab RSS feeds for "biggest Amazon price drops," "most recent price drops," and "most popular products"--all great tools for the avid Amazon shopper.

As someone who works overtime to find the lowest prices on everything, I'm adding camelcamelcamel to my list of must-bookmark sites.

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