Tech Industry Is Lousy With Lawsuits: Infographic

If it seems like everyone in the telecommunications industry is suing somebody else in the industry, you're right. Here's a roundup of the pending suits assembled in a fantastic graphic (click here to view infographic) illustrating a tangled web of litigation. A special thanks to the infographic's author David McCandless and James Key at

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Nokia is suing Hitachi, Sharp and LG over LCD price fixing. Nokia is also suing Apple over the use of WiFi on 2G and 3G phones. It settled its lawsuit against Qualcomm over anti-competitive practices and patents on mobile downloads.


Apple is suing HTC for violation of 20 patents. It's suing Nokia over wireless data, speech coding and security.


Kodak is suing RIM and Apple over image previews and computer-based imaging tasks. It's suing Sony Ericsson over handling of digital images. It settled its lawsuit against Samsung over image storage and movie previews.


Motorola has sued Apple over infringement of 18 patents.


Microsoft is suing Motorola over infringement of nine patents, including e-mail contacts and meeting scheduler.


RIM settled its lawsuit against Motorola for anti competitive practices and infringement of patents.

Sony Ericsson

Sony is suing Kodak over the handling of digital images.


Qualcomm settled its lawsuit against Nokia over 3G tech.


Elan is suing Apple over some touchscreen patents.

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