And here's Google's inevitable Christmas-themed Easter egg: Karaoke carols on demand

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Oh, bored Google developers. Always going bananas with the holiday-themed Easter eggs.

windows phone

Doesn't appear to work with Internet Explorer on Windows Phones.

So, why would this Yuletide season be any different? Of course, it isn't.

If smartphone users conduct a Google search for "let's go caroling," your phone will transform into a Christmas karaoke machine!

The Easter egg works on both Android and iOS (but not with Internet Explorer on a Windows Phone—someone is grinching somewhere).

For non-WP-ers, there is a momentary delay for it to pop, but you'll receive a pull-down menu asking "Which carol would you like to sing?" with options for five holiday classics.

Clicking one will slide open a window that will allow users to prompt a cheesy musical accompaniment along with a highlighted real-time lyrics.


Why not sing carols in the middle of the day?

Caroling options include "Jingle Bells," Up on the House Top," "Deck the Halls," "O Christmas Tree," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

It's probably a safe bet that right now some Google developers are plotting hidden gems for New Years.

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