E-Go’s Cruiser turns anyone into a skateboarder

LAS VEGAS—Clearly, fitness-friendly tech is a major trend at CES this year, and maybe that’s why the E-Go Cruiser stood out so much. Sure, it looks like a regular skateboard that requires copious amounts of human energy to propel forward, but it’s actually battery-powered: All the rider has to do is push a button and lean forward or back to steer.

Aviation technology company Yuneec launched the E-Go Cruiser, a lightweight electronic skateboard, at CES on Monday. The skateboard, a long-board designed for transportation instead of kick-flips, relies on a waterproof lithium-ion battery for power.

Once charged, the battery will last for 18 hours of ride time. Riders can reach a top speed of 12 miles per hour, and the Cruiser can even handle hills. Since the Cruiser only weighs about 14 pounds, it’s portable without adding too much bulk: From the top, it looks like a regular skateboard.

How it works

The Cruiser ships with a small remote control, but it was really designed to pair with your smartphone. A companion app for iOS devices syncs with the skateboard via Bluetooth, and riders can control the direction that the skateboard moves (either forward or back) by using the touchscreen buttons.

I got a chance to take it for a ride, and the E-Go’s controls were very responsive and easy to maneuver. I only thought I would crash into a nearby table for a split-second.

The E-Go Cruiser is available now for $699. iOS users can control the Cruiser with a free companion app; the Android version will be available later in 2014.

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