10 Reasons Why Revamped Myspace Will Fail

6. It's Still Ugly

Cosmetic overhaul? Not quite. Myspace is gunning for a clean and streamlined interface, but one look at a screenshot and boom -- instant headache.

It's riddled with flashy textiles, text-heavy, and sandwiched between throbbing banner advertisements. Barftastic!

7. Updates are Blatant Rip-Offs of Other Social Networking Sites

Myspace's press release is full of action-packed PR platitudes that, upon closer examination, scream that it's ripping off Facebook, Twitter, and their ilk:

  • The "discovery engine" -- which updates users' homepages with real-time information based on their interests -- is just like a Facebook feed populated with a user's "likes."
  • Content Hubs are no more than ad-driven promotional pages for media companies and celebrities.
  • The Discovery Tab is exactly like Twitter's collection of trending topics.
  • Badges? C'mon. Really? Who cares about badges?

8. Attempts at Building "Underground" Appeal are Just Plain Sad

The "hip" blurb by Myspace's chief executive struck me as a pathetic grasp at relevance. Jones lauds Myspace users as scouts for "up-and-coming subcultures."

Up-and-coming subcultures? Since when does a multimillion-dollar company -- funded by much-loathed News Corp. -- have any understanding of subculture? Admittedly, I'm way out of the loop when it comes to any kind of underground scene (I blame my nerdy glasses and awkward gait), but I find it hard to believe that true subcultures are using any social networking site as a vehicle.

9. Plans to Segregate Users

The badges are meant as recognition rewards for users who generate the most content and attention on the Topics Pages. The more badges and Digg-like "ups" and Twitter-like "follows" you get, the more Myspace will promote your profile and deem you a "taste maker." This may be a stretch of semantics, but if Myspace promotes one person's profile and calls them a "taste marker," an influencer of the masses, isn't that, by default, debasing other people's profiles, effectively labeling them as cultureless dorks?

10. Anti-Social Network Stance is Pathetic

Jones told the New York Times: "Our focus is social entertainment. Niche players have long staying power." Gross, but worse yet, he told Forbes that "We're not a social network."

Take another look, man; I think you'll find that you are! You are a social network!

For now.

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