7 Spooktechular Haunted House Ideas

So...a Tech O'Lantern and some spider webs on your hedges just aren't doing it for you? We have ghoulish gadgets, angry birds, spooky iPhone apps, and video game-inspired costumes for getting in the Halloween spirit. Now, it's time to decorate your house...with techie terror. No blue screens of death here, just some great geek tech. Moo hoo ha ha haaaa!

Read on...if you dare...

Magic Mirror

Out of all the tech Halloween decorations out there, the Magic Mirror is by far the most intriguing and effective. With FREE (yes, free) software available for download at Imagineering, you can build an interactive display that will undoubtably impress every single living soul. What you would do is get an LCD monitor and build a housing for it (even a picture frame would do). Connect that monitor to your computer with the Imagineering software installed. Using a microphone, you can talk to trick or treaters via an animated avatar. The effect is astounding. Check out the video below to see the Magic Mirror in action.

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The doorbell on my front door is currently inoperative. However, instead of repairing the bell, Popular Mechanics has given me (you, us) a great idea to see who's coming up my walkway. By installing wireless webcams into innocent-looking Jack O' Lanterns on my front porch, I can observe the trick or treaters from my computer (or television) without having to stare out the window. Obviously, there are other terrific uses security-wise -- especially if you have young hooligans who like to throw eggs at your house, which is completely undeserved. Just sayin'.

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I see a bad moon risin'

One of the cooler Halloween decorations I've seen this year is a moon-shaped light. Yes, that's right. A moon light. Why? This moon light has a high-res image of the moon molded into a 25" plastic casing. The casing houses a light source, so you have a really impressive piece to add to your yard display. Also makes for a handy conversation piece when you hang it on your living room ceiling the rest of the year.

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Liquid light

You know those really nifty glow sticks? Would you like to know how to make the luminescent liquid inside? Heck, who wouldn't? This is the answer to making that glowing hell-pit in your front yard. Or smearing your hands and face with the stuff to run out, all ghostly-like, from the dark woods at your neighbor's house. And it's easily removable for when your neighbor recovers from their scare and comes after you with a shotgun. Enjoy the video.

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Using the same electroluminescent tech that is in your car's dashboard display, these animated blinking eyes will give trick or treaters the willies. Visible day or night, the disembodied eyes adhere with suction cups to windows, doors...your very soul...

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If price is no option, and you want to send people into another dimension...

For a shade under $8000, you can change the exterior doorway of your home into a gateway to another world. This Vortex is a remarkable piece of artistic engineering. Walk down a bridge while a circular painting of an other-worldly vortex slowly rotates around you. Lit with black lights and even supplied with a handrail (most vortices do not have that option), this is not only a show-stopper, it's how neighborhood legends are made.

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From the astounding to the kinda cheesy

Turn your home into a movie screen for the paranormal with this All Occasion Light Display Projector. Definitely more for the G-rated set, this projector can animate ghosts, bats, witches across the facade of your house. And, as different holidays arrive, you can change out the settings to show snowflakes falling, deer running, balloons floating (you know...for, um, National Non Sequitur Day).

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