You Got Megamind in My FarmVille

And here you thought your farm was safe as long as you watered your crops. Starting tomorrow, in-game advertising invades.

FarmVille developer Zynga signed a deal with film studio Dreamworks Animation for a 24-hour in-game promotion of the upcoming Will Ferrell movie, Megamind. Starting tomorrow in FarmVille, a "Mega-Farm" themed landmark opens up inside of the game. The attraction incorporates the storyline and characters from the film as well as other branded content special items like "Mega-Grow," which instantly grows crops without wilting.

While Zynga is no stranger to in-game promotions for things like McDonald's or that 7-Eleven Slurpee campaign, this is the first time a big film studio makes use of the game as a platform for its own licensed characters. We wonder if the film makes any FarmVille references.

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