Microsoft announces $25 Xbox One Media Remote

xbox one media remote

If you find using a controller onerous and barking commands at your Kinect borderline barbarous, you’re in luck: Microsoft announced Thursday that the Xbox One is getting a dedicated media controller in March.

Beyond the usual assortment of buttons, the $25 Xbox One Media Remote packs discrete Back and OneGuide for easier dashboard navigation and quick access to your favorite TV shows via the console’s program guide, respectively. It’ll also let you control your TV and receiver’s power and volume, using the Kinect you’re snubbing as an infrared-enabled go-between. And hey: It’s backlit. Fancy!

To be honest, it’s kind of odd that the Xbox One Media Remote wasn’t available in November, given Microsoft’s strong entertainment focus for the console. (Remember the brouhaha that boiled up when the Xbox One’s grand unveiling barely mentioned any games?) In any case, it’ll be here soon, and the fact that it leans so heavily on the Kinect for IR input somewhat douses all those calls for Microsoft to release a cheaper, Kinect-free version of the console. 

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