Samsung teases Galaxy S5 in adjective-filled video


Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S5 is all about adjectives based on the teaser materials the company just released.

After sending out a Mobile World Congress teaser earlier in February with adjectives like speed, outdoor, curiosity, social, and fitness, the company recently released a new teaser video for the upcoming S5, again replete with adjectives like explorer, free, family, selfie, and create.

The MWC trailer, is more or less a transparent attempt to suggest the S5 will be about easily integrating the phone into your lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you read between the lines there are a few hints we might be able to glean about the upcoming S5 from the 37-second video.

Samsung's video is punctuated several times by slow motion shots. The first one focuses on the word "wet," which could hint that the next Galaxy will involve some level of water resistance. Samsung released the water-resistant Galaxy Active last summer, so this wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

A water-resistant or waterproof phone would also fall in line with recent rumors about the upcoming flagship phone from ZDNet Korea.

The video is only about 37 seconds, so there isn't a whole lot else to try and glean from the video. Samsung is expected to announce the next Galaxy phone during Mobile World Congress on Monday. The company's MWC event begins at 2 P.M Eastern/11 A.M. Pacific.

[via The Verge]

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