5 Strange But True Ways to Find a Job

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Strange Way to Score a Job #2: While Waiting For a Table

There are certain facial expressions that are universally recognizable. You've got sadness, for example, and excitement. And then there's my personal favorite -- a little something I like to call the "walking-into-a-restaurant-and-trying-to-determine-if-your-friend-is-there-yet" look. It typically consists of a wide-eyed gaze following by a dash of squinting, a pinch of eyebrow-furrowing, and a slight curling of the upper-lip.

That's precisely the look I imagine Jean Tobin had when she walked into the Bombay Bicycle Club in Ann Arbor some years back. Tobin was meeting a friend for lunch. As soon as she walked in the door, a couple of guys sensed she was searching for someone.

"They asked if I was Sarah," Tobin explains. "I said, 'No, but why?"

The men, it turns out, had mistaken Tobin for someone they were supposed to be meeting for an interview (that's Sarah). Sarah was late. Tobin was there.

"I had a nice conversation with them while we were waiting," Tobin laughs. "I guess they were impressed with me. They asked if I'd come by their office later to talk some more."

Tobin -- who, fittingly, has since authored a survival guide for the unemployed -- ended up getting the gig. As for Sarah, let's hope she at least got a tasty sandwich when she finally showed up.

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