5 Strange But True Ways to Find a Job

Strange Way to Score a Job #3: While Waiting on a Table

You may not be in your dream job at the moment -- but that doesn't mean your on-the-clock hours count only for your paycheck. Why, you might wonder? It's simple: You never know when a new opportunity might sit down right in front of you.

"On two separate occasions, I've hired the person who was waiting on my table at a restaurant," says C. Scyphers, a technical architect with Daemon Consulting.

Scyphers is always on the lookout for new tech support talent, so when he sees standout customer service, he takes notice -- and it doesn't matter whether the service is related to computers or chicken salad.

"Good customer service is good customer service," Scyphers says, reflecting on his recent restaurant-inspired hires. "[The waiters] were very charming, displayed excellent attention to detail and were well-informed about the world in general."

I think it's safe to safe they both got tips they'll never forget.

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