This nanotech keeps your phone safe, even after a dunk in the drink

BARCELONA—Water and electronics don’t mix. And because of that simple scientific fact, you’ll run into plenty of companies touting waterproofing products at trade shows like Mobile World Congress.

P2i can do those companies one better. It’s developed nanotechnology that can coat the parts of your phone that don’t react well with water—including the circuits inside. That coating repels water even if your phone is unlucky enough to take a dunk in a pool, puddle, or sink.

In this video, you’ll see P2i demoing its liquid-repellant coating technology—pay particular attention to the napkin that’s coated with P2i’s product and how it survives a liquid bath.

water nanotechnology

How dry I am: A napkin coated in P2i’s Dunkable hypdrophobic barrier technology can withstand a water bath.

You can’t order this coating directly. Rather, P2i works directly with electronics makers to add a layer of protection as phones and devices are assembled. While the company is close-mouthed about which brands it works with, a P2i representative says that you’ll be able to buy a phone in 2014 that uses P2i’s Dunkable hydrophobic barrier technology.

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