11 Free Fonts for Clever Holiday Entertaining

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Party 8: Making New Friends

A party for party crashers? Sure, why not! We'll just put a big sign on the front door spelling out "Welcome, Stranger" with Predatoric 2, the alien movie font by Gene Buban. Anyone seriously hunting for a good time deserves a big howdy set in Buban's larger-than-life style--and when it's time for our new buddies to go home, we'll just type the self-destruct code hidden in the characters []{}.

Download Predatoric 2

Party 9: A Royal Vision Through a Royal Pane...

This year we'll treat the in-laws regally with an invitation to a small dinner party, where we'll serve up courses fit for a monarch and where everyone can take home a souvenir menu set in RM New Albion. Ray Meadows' font will be instantly recognizable as the classic choice of their majesties' scribes. If all goes well, our guests will murmur "We are amused," and peace will prevail in the realm at least until the annual summer reunion.

Download RM New Albion

Party 10: Glue Guns Loaded and Ready for Action

For our crafty comrades, we must hold a make-it and take-it gathering with plenty of glitter choices. Nothing says handmade half as well as En Origami, a display font by Naveen Chandru. We'll use his design to create the invitation as a staple-bound DIY zine full of projects. En Origami's characters fold all over themselves and still manage to remain playfully legible, not unlike our by-hand buddies.

Download En Origami

Party 11: Everyone Is Welcome Under Our Table

Quite a few lovers of the vine reside in our neck of the woods. They'll be quite pleased when we uncork a holiday blind-tasting party. We'll announce this gathering using Bat Country, a truly gonzo font by British designer Laurie Jackson. Before the guests arrive, we'll disguise the bottles--in brown bags, of course--and set out the glasses along with screamingly perfect souvenir rating cards. Then we'll stand aside and let our guests sniff, swirl, and swallow (sorry: no spitting in the sink at this soirée) until the last drop is gone.

Download Bat Country

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