X+1 = Oops! Motorola leaks its upcoming Moto X+1 smartphone, again


Motorola is prepping a follow-up to 2013's stellar Moto X smartphone and the company doesn't care who knows about it. Even though Motorola has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the Moto X+1, the mysterious smartphone popped up—once again—on the company's site.

This time the X+1 appeared on a product page for an AT&T version of the phone, sporting a $400 price tag. Unless Motorola plans on taking on the Nexus 5 by selling an unsubsidized phone at a sub-$500 price, that price tag is probably just a placeholder, as Droid-Life—the site that first spotted the latest X+1 leak—pointed out.

In fact, the image of the X+1 may be a placeholder itself, since it looks remarkably similar to the Moto X with a only a few minor variations.

Motorola has since scrubbed the page from the live version of its site, and Google has also scrubbed its cache of the X+1 page. Google sold Motorola to Lenovo in January, but the deal has yet to be finalized as its still awaiting regulatory approval.

Luckily for us, Bing isn't as interested in scrubbing its cache of Motorola links as Google is. The image you see below was pulled from Microsoft's search engine cache.


It's not entirely clear how the X+1 will compare to its predecessor. Will it be largely a cosmetic update to the Moto X released last summer, or will it be a major overhaul of last year's model? Nobody knows for sure just yet.

What we can be pretty certain about is that the Moto X+1 will be customizable via Motorola's Moto Maker website, just like the previous model. References to the X+1 popped up on the Moto Maker website last Thursday, as first reported by German-language site Mobiflip.

In April, tech scooper @Evleaks, a well known rumor reporter with an impressive track record, was busy tweeting information about the X+1. Most importantly, Evleaks tweeted a purported picture of the backplate customization options for the X+1. The list included 25 options, including many of the options 35 available today for the Moto X, as well as four new leather options in black, blue, grey, and red.

In February, Motorola said it would deliver a follow-up to the Moto X in late summer, but at the time the company did not offer any specs or mention what the phone would be called. Late summer would line up well for a refreshed Moto X as the original phone appeared last August.

The X+1 is expected to be available on the same carriers in the U.S. as the original Moto X, including AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

Motorola has a press event scheduled for May 13; however, the company is expected to use that event to talk about the Moto E, a new entry-level device for the emerging market, and not the X+1.

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