The IPhone Goes to Verizon

It's not every day that Apple adds a new carrier partner in the U.S. So with Tuesday's news that Verizon will offer a CDMA-based iPhone 4 beginning in February, we roll out a special episode of the Macworld Podcast a day early to discuss what this means for Apple, Verizon, and smartphone users.

I'm joined by Macworld editorial director Jason Snell--fresh off his live-blogging duties from Tuesday's Verizon press event--as well senior associate editor Dan Moren and frequent Macworld contributor Glenn Fleishman. We discuss the details of Verizon's iPhone 4, talk about the relative merits of Verizon and AT&T, and walk you through the alphabet soup of wireless standards that include CDMA, GSM, and LTE.

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Show Notes

You'll find all of our Verizon and iPhone coverage at iOS Central. Pay particular attention to David Chartier's comparison of AT&T and Verizon cellular plans and Dan Frakes's report on how Verizon's iPhone 4 won't fit many existing iPhone 4 cases.

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