LG: Windows Phone 7 Sales Have Been Disappointing

Microsoft may have a problem on its hands if its partners feel free to publicly criticize its phone efforts like this. LG's marketing and planning chief James Choi has gone on record with Pocket-lint saying that Windows Phone 7 sales have been disappointing for the company.

Choi claims that the company had high hopes for the new mobile OS at the beginning. While he stressed that LG had been working with Microsoft "since the beginning" and WP7 is "absolutely perfect" for some mobile users out there, he lamented that "the first push wasn't what everyone expected."

While Choi seems to walk the fine line between saying that the launch really failed to grab consumers' attention and playing the role of the loyal partner, it just seems odd that this early out of the gate that Microsoft's partners feel free enough to say something like this. It certainly does not help the Redmond company's cause at all.

I have said in the past that I thought WP7 was a solid step forward for Microsoft, and have been impressed with the company's willingness to think differently as of late. The problem is that the company's still fighting a stigma of not being "cool" - unlike Android and Apple at the moment - and it's getting lost in the sea of the dozens of other new smartphones we've seen over the past few months.

Choi did say that a possible factor limiting growth is WP7′s relegation to the higher-priced tier of smartphones at the moment. That very well could be true. However at the same time, if not many people are willing to pay a premium for a phone that takes advantage of WP7′s full strengths, what makes you think they'd be more interested in a less feature-rich device at a lower price?

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