Future Lion Hints Inside Latest iOS Beta

Blink and you may have missed it (only joking, the yards of coverage gave it away) but Apple has begun beta-testing a feature-packed iPhone/iPad software update, iOS 4.3. With iOS features set to prowl over to Mac OS X Lion, what do these new mobile features suggest may be coming to the Mac?

Let's look at the new iOS features first, as revealed by the usual coterie of NDA-denying developers and Apple afficionados in all the usual places. We also learn that the iPhone 3G and iPod touch second-generation aren't supported in the release. Here's a list:

  • The iPad 2.0 camera app, also video app
  • Photo Booth for iOS, new camera effects too
  • Find My Friends
  • No more Home button
  • Three iPads coming
  • Two iPhones
  • New Multi-touch gestures for iPad
  • Personal Hotspot feature for all iPhones
  • New Message alert settings
  • iPad's physical orientation lock switch returns
  • Apple TV update allows AirPlay video from third party apps

This list suggests Apple's working away toward the release of two new model iPhones (one GSM, another CDMA) for later this year, (iPhone 5). It also shows us there will be WiFi, WiFi + 3G and WiFi + CDMA iPads and so on, all as expected. Some of these features appear iOS-specific.

But what do these implementations suggest about the future of the Mac OS? In the video below there's a chance to refresh your memory on what Apple has confirmed on its new OS so far, and here's a selection of earlier conclusions drawn from the introduction of iOS 4.2:

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