Get WebOS-esque Visual Multitasking on Your iPhone With multifl0w

Multifl0w brings Exposé-like multitasking to your iOS devices, allowing you to easily switch between applications and even close them on the fly. Designed to either replace or augment Apple’s built-in multitasking support, Multifl0w (what’s with these hacks using l33t-speak in their names?) allows all sorts of customizations, including reordering of apps and multitouch on both the iPhone and iPad. A big appeal is that it lets you flip through apps like a deck of cards, rather than awkwardly hitting the home button and reopening an app every time you want to switch.

Costing $5, and available from the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhones, multifl0w also requires Backgrounder (free) and a jailbroken iOS device. If you install this, let us know how you like multifl0w, and what customizations you selected. Does it improve your iOS workflow?

[multifl0w and the Cydia store via Gizmodo]

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