Trim-Slice PC Is So Cute and Little!

Meet Trim-Slice from CompuLab: This mini desktop is only 5.1 by 3.7 by 0.6, and it packs a lot in a little space.

The Trim-Slice, which ships in April according to Engadget, is equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip (SOC-)--an ARM processor paired with an ultra-low power GeForce GPU, and placed on a single chip. The mini desktop comes with 1GB RAM, a solid-state SATA drive, and an SD card slot. You also get gigabit Ethernet networking, HDMI, and Wi-Fi.

Not only do the specs look impressive for something so tiny, but it doesn't look bad either. The Trim-Slice comes with a die-cast metal cast that's shiny and only 0.6 inch thick. Now that's all great and all, but what I really need is a small high performance laptop for class! I wonder if I could slap a tiny monitor on this thing with a Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard and stick it in my backpack. It would be like a laptop, but also a desktop!

[via Engadget]

James Mulroy just sneezed on his monitor...and he's out of wet naps.

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