Amazing Spray-On Skin Gun Heals Burned Skin in Days

Sure, stem-cell research has had something of a controversial past, but a new revolutionary skin gun has the ability to spray away a burn victim's unsightly injury.

The medical device, which will be shown in an upcoming National Geographic show, is currently just a prototype, but it has already been used to help a small number of burn-victims.

Scientists have been developing the skin spraying gun for a number of years now; the current working prototype by Jörg C. Gerlach works by taking healthy skin cells from the burn victim, then spraying them onto the desired area. Thanks to the safe stem-cell science behind this process, healing can now take just hours or days, rather than the usual weeks and months.

To get a feel for just how effective this method is, check out the video below (not available in all regions) to see how severe second-degree burns seemingly vanished in just a few-short days:

Amazing stuff right?

Science can sometimes deliver some arguably weird things, but at other times it just blows us away.

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