The Evolution of iOS Gaming

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This week, action gamers are looking forward to Gameloft's Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, which should reach the App Store later this week.

Many gamers also swoon at the graphics and gameplay of Infinity Blade, itself a poster child for the Unreal Engine 3. That engine will drive a new wave of fast-paced action games in future. (Trivia: Infinity Blade sold 271,424 copies in the four days following its release last December).

Back in 2008 we played newtonica2 (above); these days gamers like to float to the immersive magic that is Osmos (below).

Games development for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has become so energized today that there's even a game about games development, called Game Dev Story (below).

Summing-up: Games development -- just like development of all other categories of App -- is on a fast-paced evolution. Where games go first, other industries will follow. Apple technologies such as AirPlay also hint at an extension of the game beyond the device -- that's likely where we may one day see the Apple TV come into play.

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