Honeycomb: What You Need to Know About the New Android

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Any interesting security features in Honeycomb?

Engadget uncovered a cool feature that is apparently built in to Honeycomb: password-protected full hard drive encryption. Encrypting your tablet will take up to an hour, according to a screenshot of Honeycomb running on Motorola's Xoom. It's not clear which encryption standard Honeycomb uses, but this is clearly a move to appeal to enterprise users.

What are application fragments?

These are basically multi-pane views for Android applications designed to take advantage of the larger screen space on tablets as well as make apps easy to navigate. Google was showing off its e-mail app, for example, which starts with a list of e-mail folders in one pane and subject line headers in another. Clicking on a message gets rid of the folder view and shows the subject line headers in one pane and the actual message you're reading in the other.

What are the improvements to the Android Market?

Google has finally released a browsable Web-based version of the Android Market that is accessible from any browser. The smartphone-accessible market is still available as well. You can select an application to install on your device using the Web browser and it will be sent wirelessly to your device. You can also use the Web-based Android Market to manage your installed apps in case you need to download them again. PC World has a complete breakdown of the Android Market on the Web here or just jump to the new Android Market here.

What is the browser like?

Android 3.0 will include a few tools from Chrome including tabbed browsing, bookmark sync and incognito mode.

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