A Cost Effective Solution for the Modern Office

You might assume that an administrative assistant or office manager doesn't need a powerful graphics card or CPU in his or her computer. But today, anyone who works in an office needs the right combination of responsive hardware to do their job efficiently.

Admins need fast access to corporate data via the Internet, and they use visual tools like PowerPoint, Google Earth and data visualization applications more than ever. That means they need a PC equipped with the right CPU, graphics, network, and storage capabilities.

AMD's modern chipsets — the underlying hardware critical to how a PC functions — implement robust networking and fast storage standards (including USB 3.0 and SATA 6gbps). And the upcoming generation of AMD advanced processing units, or APUs — processors that blend leading edge graphics technology with a CPU on the same chip —enables unprecedented performance for the price. It's the ideal blend of PC hardware for the modern visual computing office.

Today’s office workers tend to be consumers of information rather than creators. They need data at their fingertips and fast, reliable access to storage, whether on local hard drives or corporate networks, is critical.

In the past, PC makers focused on CPU benchmarks, which are programs used to stress and measure CPU performance under very heavy loads. These benchmarks are not necessarily a good indicator of how efficiently a PC will run in a modern office environment. These simple metrics really showed how fast a PC could crunch numbers when that was the only thing the machine was doing.

Today, this type of performance has taken a back seat to the client-server paradigm of cloud computing and the need for users to run multiple, sometimes graphics-heavy, programs all at the same time.

AMD’s new APU delivers the responsiveness that allows an administrative office worker to quickly access data remotely, toggle windows to add the information to a PowerPoint presentation then, without any frozen screens, pull up an email client and send the presentation to whomever needs it.

Heavy consumers of visual content or major content creators will likely need discrete GPUs. AMD Radeon 6000 series graphics cards offer robust visual computing performance, which maximizes responsiveness when creating content in a corporate environment.

But for office workers using the emerging visual Internet and visual computing applications, PCs equipped with AMD's APUs can offer excellent responsiveness.

This story, "A Cost Effective Solution for the Modern Office" was originally published by BrandPost.

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