DC Universe Online Gets an Update

Just in time for Valentine's Day, DC Universe Online has a content update all about Catwoman. And Cupid.

Speaking to GamePro by phone last week, Game Director Chris Cao explained DC Universe Online's strategy for monthly content updates going forward. These updates will include new items (like armor), new quests, and new instances. Additionally, big-ticket items li

ke a player Auction House may come with some updates.

For February, the big thing we're getting is a Catwoman quest where the player chases her on a jewel heist, culminating a nine-part boss fight as Catwoman morphs into different feline boss forms. Completing the quest nets you a comic book cut scene that delves into Selina Kyle's past and her relationship with Batman (the Valentine's Day connection). We also get to play as Catwoman in the Legends instances for the chance to win a new set of Mayan-themed armor.

Beyond Catwoman, there's also some Valentine's Day shenanigans for players anywhere from level 1 through 30 where they can drink from a fountain that shows up to become either a spite or a cherub. In this form, you get new abilities and earn hearts as currency to buy virtual chocolates or rings for stat buffs or in-game

gifting. Heart-flecked gear is also available to players -- which we'll start looking for in the Auction House, which Cao says also comes with the February update.

Lastly, and with each new content update, DC Universe intends to push the endgame content and add to the Brainiac invasion plot that drives the game. Expect another epic cut scene that picks up where the game's "Who Do You Trust?" trailer leaves off, plus another part to the Batcave instance.

Look for the DC Universe Online February content pack sometime this week. Check out our reviews of both the PC and PlayStation 3 versions here.

(It's not a game, but it's a selection of batgadgets in Holy Batgear! 10 New Gadgets for Batman's Utility Belt (and Cave).

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