iPhone 4 Newbies: 10 Essential Tips and Tricks

You soon-to-be Verizon iPhone 4 customers can learn from the experiences of others. Take it from iPhone old-timers, you're about to enter a magical world of awesome apps running on the most simplistic, addictive device on the planet.

Sure, the possibilities are endless. You can leave your clunky laptop and digital camera at home. You can video chat with friends on FaceTime. You can spend hours on social networks. You can even knock down an entire building with a single Angry Bird.

Now here's the kicker: The iPhone, dear readers, isn't perfect. There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid, tips and tricks that come in handy, and important apps and peripherals to buy. You can either learn them on your own the hard way, or read them here.

1. Avoid the App Addiction

Quick, what's the first thing most new iPhone owners do? They download a ton of apps, of course. Free apps. Apps for a buck. Game apps. Apps and more apps. Now with iOS folders, you can download even more apps on fewer home screens.

Most iPhone owners will tell you, though, that they've deleted more apps than they have on their phones. The over-under is 48 hours - that is, will a new app be opened again after 48 hours? Game apps are the worst. It doesn't take long to finish a game or get bored of it, yet game apps can clutter your iPhone screens.

Remember, a game folder (or any folder) can only hold 12 apps, although you can have multiple game folders. Most of the game apps cost a few bucks, too. Out of pure fright, I've avoided adding up how much I've spent on apps last year, especially ones I deleted after a short time.

Another problem with having too many apps on your iPhone is when you do a routine update on the App Store. You might find yourself in a virtual waiting room as a bunch of apps update over 3G.

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That's not to say that there aren't some very important apps that you should download immediately. See my list of 15 must-have iPhone apps, such as Siri, Instapaper and CNN. One app that wasn't on the list but should have been is Dropbox. This app is a free file folder in the cloud, which means you can access files from any device with an Internet connection, such as an iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

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