iPhone 4 Newbies: 10 Essential Tips and Tricks

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6. Get a Grip on Data Plan Usage

Reset stats to track your data usage by tapping Settings-->General-->Usage-->Reset Statistics. Verizon currently offers its $30 unlimited data plan for a limited time. Verizon will soon follow AT&T with a usage-based plan. You'll probably gobble up more data with your iPhone 4 than you think you will, so it's a good idea to get a handle on how much data you use before Verizon makes the switch.

7. Leave Enough Memory Free

You'll be surprised how quickly your memory fills up, especially if you're an iPhone movie buff. Renting movies on iTunes can also take up tons of space. Leave at least a half gig of headroom to handle spikes in memory use. This will prevent apps from crashing and Web pages from freezing up.

8. Avoid No-Name Car Chargers

Charging up your iPhone using a car charger can get a little dicey. Truth is, a car's 12 volt electrical system wasn't designed to handle the loads of today's cars and can fry the iPhone's main board. If you're going to get a car charger, buy a brand-name charger that has a better fuse to protect the iPhone. Also, don't have the iPhone plugged in when you're starting or turning off a car because that's when electrical spikes occur.

9. Set a Password

The most basic rule of iPhone security: Set a password (or passcode) lock on your iPhone. The first time you leave the iPhone in a public place, or lose it in the airport, you'll be very glad that no one can access your little personal data factory, because it's password-protected. To set a password, tap Settings-->General-->Passcode Lock.

By the way, if you get work email from an Exchange server on your new iPhone 4, you'll have to enter a password to unlock the phone when it's in sleep mode. The option to turn the password lock off won't be available. Don't panic, it's a tradeoff.

10. Lock The Screen in One Orientation

Locking the screen in portrait orientation is great when reading in the prone position. Simply double-click the Home button, swipe left to right on the multitasking bar until the iPod and controls show up, then tap the orientation icon on the left to lock and unlock it.

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