Journey to the Center of the Mac App Store

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Cash and content makes a king

Apple has in one move created the world's biggest online store for immediate gratification in desktop and notebook computing, and it is generating cash for those developers lucky enough to be featured within Apple's operation. For example:

  • Pixelmator raised $1 million in just 20-days through software sales via the store.
  • Rob Maguire, AutoCAD product manager at Autodesk told me in a statement, "The downloads of Sketchbook Pro from the Mac App Store effectively doubled the total desktop user base for Sketchbook Pro on the first day alone."

Consumers like the generous (five installs) usage rights, the relative simplicity and easy access to software updates for installed Apps. The fact that titles are vetted and approved lends a sense of security. Developers are making money and are pleased at the relative simplicity of bringing their software to the store -- despite some problems with piracy.

This momentum means Apple's Mac App Store is certain to become the de facto standard for OS X software sales. And Apple -- which believes the future of mobile computing doesn't include an optical drive, as seen in the MacBook Air -- wants to take things further.

"Apple is planning on making the move to all digital sooner than expected at their retail stores. Apple is working towards eliminating boxed software and presumably focusing sales through the Mac App Store," MacRumors reports.

This news is likely to make some developers a little anxious. Apple's App Store forbids some Apps while some developers (Adobe, for example) seem unlikely yet to offer their software via the store.

Of course, this is not the first time Apple had driven its market and the vision makes perfect sense: the loss of physical software media will make storage and installation of applications a much better experience, most of the time.

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