Geekiest Marriage Proposals of All Time

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11. Google Street View

Again, it's about connections. If you worked at Google, you could find out when a Google Street View picture-taking run was going to take place, and then you could stand there with your sign. Like Michael Weiss-Malik did.

12. The game of love

Without connections, you may have to rely on your own mad hacking skillz and hack or even rewrite a video game. For inspiration, turn to this guy, who rewrote "Bejeweled" (his girlfriend's favorite game) on Nintendo DS so that it would present a picture of a ring when she got to a certain score. Or this guy, who hacked "Chrono Trigger" to display scenes from a relationship and then pop the question. Or this guy, who spelled out "Lisa... Will you marry me?" in Super Mario coins. Alternatively, for those of you who need a slightly lower bar, you could just create a custom level on "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" and leave it on your TV.

13. Paradise by the Dashboard Widget

Bjorn gave Jenny his password, and then Jenny gave Bjorn her hand. In between there, she pressed F12 and a picture of a ring popped up on the screen.

14. Love @ First Site

Women love a guy who can design a Web site. Dave staked out and built an online shrine to their relationship, complete with Google Maps mashup, eHarmony parody, slideshow, and rap music video (sadly unavailable at this time). After giving Elizabeth the URL and driving her to a PC, she clicked the links and came to this page.

15. Online quiz

If this site is to be believed, the webmaster in question proposed marriage on the site in late 2006. However, it took until June 2009 for "KC" to say yes. Why? Because she had no idea the site existed, and it took that long for her to find the site and then take the online quiz with answers proving that she was the one he was looking for.

16. There's an app for that

Bryan Haggerty designed an iPhone app to guide his girlfriend to a series of locations. At the end, there he was waiting to deliver his proposal in person.

17. Love and Raisinets

This one gets points for being both technically and artistically difficult and requiring many helpers. For four months YouTube user "chadwildclay" secretly composed a song for his girlfriend and created a proposal video to go along with it that was a bit like an iPhone commercial, only longer and more personal. He then got a movie theater to agree to show the "commercial" as one of the previews for a showing of "Going the Distance" and got their friends to play along. When the video ended, he proposed, she said yes, and then they skipped the movie - which is just as well, because it got mediocre reviews.

18. Smile! You're on my iPhone

If you have a lot of geeky friends with iPhones, you could have them stand around pretending to surf the Web while they actually capture your surprise wedding proposal from a dozen different angles. Frank's friends helped him do just that, and here is the result.

19. The Force will be with you. Always.

There wasn't any coding involved, but "obiwan8403" reached geeky heights by proposing to his girlfriend in full Jedi garb at a Star Wars Celebration event, with the help of the Rebel Legion costuming group and lines like, "Ever since I first met her in the Outer Rim, I knew I'd always be in her rangefinder," which is at least as good as the stuff George Lucas wrote for Episode II.

20. You!

The twentieth proposal could be yours! Now that you're inspired, send us your geekiest marriage proposal and we'll add it to the list. Good luck!

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