Robotic Randomness in This Week in GeekTech

We at GeekTech love robots. Well, okay, maybe we're a little leery of them, as evidenced by Armando in the above photo, but they're one of our favorite topics to cover. So welcome your new robot overlords: It's time for This Week in GeekTech.

Bluetooth Bug Bot Is Remote-Controllable, Slightly Awesome

This isn't your typical toy robot. This six-legged bug bot probably isn't ideal if you're afraid of insects, but this creation of sound effects desginer Dan Piponi can be controlled via Bluetooth.

Robots Are Now Better Than You at Basketball

I've never been a great basketball player, as my high school friends can attest, so wouldn't be that hard to design a robot that can shoot free-throws better than I can. Still, the fact that any robot can now shoot hoops is mildly unnerving.

Kinect Powered Robot Could Help Earthquake Victims

We love robots. We love Kinect hacks. What could possibly be better? Merging the two together. What sets this Kinect-robot creation apart is that it actually does something useful.

Pleo the Dinosaur Has a Bigger Attitude Than Ever Before

Pleo the Dinosaur is growing up. And now Pleo's as moody as any human teenager.

Robotic Herds Could Be the Next Step in Farming

Farming is hard work. So meet the Autonomous Micro Planter," a robot that, well, can plant crops. Do you ever get the feeling that we humans are quickly becoming obsolete?

What's your favorite story of the week? Let us know in the comments below.

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