The 20 Strangest Celebrity Tech Endorsements

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6. Verne Troyer for Klegg MP3 Player

He was great as Mini Me, sure, but would Verne Troyer's pouting face really make you want to buy an MP3 player? Klegg Electronics clearly thought so when it hired the pint-sized actor to represent its Mini music device (not to be confused with Apple's iPod Mini) in 2006.

I don't have any official figures here, but I'm betting Mini Me brought in some pretty small sales.

7. Robbie Williams for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

When you seek out a spokesperson, you usually want someone who's enthusiastic about your product. By that measure, Samsung struck out with British pop star Robbie Williams, who -- along with his Take That bandmates -- awkwardly held Galaxy Tabs during a tour announcement last fall.

"We like technology," Williams stammered amid laughs when reporters asked about the band's tablets. "Samsung is great. And we've always done it. It is the best ones. And they love us. And it's important that we do singing, and then put these with us."

Well, that certainly makes me want to run out and buy one. How 'bout you?

8. Lady Gaga for Polaroid

I know, I know: An aging brand teaming up with a current star makes perfect sense. But you've gotta admit, the very idea of Lady Gaga representing Polaroid is just a bit...bizarre.

That said, a meat-covered camera would be pretty cool.

9. for Intel

Pop quiz: What's worse than a famously quirky pop star signing on to represent a camera company? A lessfamously quirky pop star signing on to represent a processor chip company, of course.

I'll take "trying too hard to be hip" for $500, Alex.

10. The Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman for a Metal Detector

We're used to celebrities putting their names on random products (Bruce Willis cologne, anyone?). When the bassist from the Rolling Stones comes out with his own branded metal detecting gizmo, though, somethingreally doesn't seem right.

I mean, come on: We already lost Ozzy to the dark side of rock-gods-turned-regular-dorks. What's next--Metallica launching a legal battle against music sharing?

Oh, wait a minute...

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