The 20 Strangest Celebrity Tech Endorsements

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16. Alan Alda for IBM

There's nothing wrong with Alan Alda. But seeing him shill computers for IBM--while paddling in an inflatable canoe, at that--easily qualifies as an odd experience.

17. John Cleese for Compaq

What do you get when you combine the star of Monty Python with a line of computers from the mid-80s? get this:

18. Danica Patrick for Go Daddy

While I certainly don't mind seeing the lovely Ms. Patrick every time I sign in to manage my domains, I've never quite understood the connection between a sexy racing star and an Internet registrar. I'm not complaining, mind you--but it's an unlikely pairing if I've ever seen one.

19. Jerry Seinfeld for Microsoft

What's the deal with that Microsoft-Seinfeld ad campaign? Jerry Seinfeld's short-lived run as master of Microsoft's domain left most of the world in a state of confusion. The commercials, fittingly, were more or less about nothing: One spot featured Seinfeld and Bill Gates shopping for shoes and eating churros; another saw the dynamic duo having an awkward dinner with a random family.

Amid heavy criticism, the Seinfeld era abruptly ended after those two ads--proving, once and for all, that Microsoft is a bad breaker-upper.

20. Hulk Hogan for Calling Service 10-10-220

Hulk, oh Hulk. You famously missed your shot at making millions with your Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill (damn that George Foreman and his impeccable timing!). More mystifying than your momentary role as chef, though, was your stint as spokesperson for the once-popular calling service 10-10-220.

We love you, Hulk--but imitating Rodin's "Thinker" might not be the most fitting role for a wrestler famous for his handlebar moustache and habitual overuse of the word "brother."

That said, we'll take this over your singing about air conditioners any day.

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