HP Pavilion dm1z Ultraportable Laptop, $400

Even though HP bills its dm1z laptop as an ultraportable, our reviewer thinks it makes a much better netbook. Read "HP Pavilion dm1z: AMD's Fusion Processor Offers a Lot of Bang for the Buck" to learn why HP's marketing flacks ended up costing this great little netbook--um, ultraportable--a star in our review. The configuration that we reviewed lists at $450, but you can get a higher-end model that usually sells for $550 for much less. HP has a fully loaded version of the dm1z on sale--and enter coupon code NB5751 to push the priced down to only $400 (with free shipping).

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  • HP Pavilion dm1z

    Viewed as an ultraportable laptop, the Pavilion dm1z is mediocre though inexpensive; but as a netbook, it's fantastic and avoids the usual netbook compromises.