Ping May Be Chipping Away at Your Battery Life

Along with a host of other features that came with the release of iOS 4.3 earlier this month was the addition of Apple's music-based social network to iTunes on iOS devices. Now it appears as if the service may be placing an additional strain on battery life, and users are seemingly not too happy about it.

The issues seem to come from the fact that while listening to music through the iPod application, information is being transmitted to and from the device in order to make the social networking functionality work as intended. Data usage is one of the fastest drains on your smartphone's battery, so your iPhone or iPad could die a lot quicker than you're used to.

The problem can be easily fixed though, and anecdotal reports indicate battery life returns to normal after Ping has been turned off. To do so, open up the Settings app, then tap General and then Restrictions. After this tap Enable Restrictions, and tap the slider by the Ping option to set it to off. Ping will then be disabled.

I'm curious to hear if you have seen a decrease in battery life. I'm a heavy data user, so frankly I've noticed nothing out of the ordinary - but maybe you'reusing the iPod functionality more than I am. Let us and everyone else know if changing this setting fixes any battery issues you may have had.

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