HP Omni 200 Quad All-in-One PC, $850

If you want a blazing fast all-in-one PC with a 21.5-inch screen and a 1TB hard drive, then you'll want to consider HP's recently released Omni 200 Quad. This all-in-one PC ripped through our benchmarking tests, hitting scores that make it the fastest machine we've seen in its product class. Nonetheless, our reviewer wasn't enthralled by the Omni 200 Quad: It lacks touchscreen capabilities; at factory settings, the display was extremely bright; and the speakers were great for music, but not for dialogue. If those caveats don't bother you, you might want to jump at HP's deal. Buy the Omni 200 Quad at the HP online store and you'll get $200 off--that's $849 for the base configuration.

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    HP’s latest all-in-one desktop kicks performance into high gear--but where are all the fashionable features?

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