Quick Windows Fixes

Here are some quick-fixes that can be done in approximately 10 seconds to help boost performance:

1. Boot Into Safe Mode: Repeatedly tap the F8 key while the computer boots up.

2. Convert All-Caps Into Lowercase in Office: Select the text and press Shift-F3.

3. Select a Large Block of Text in a Web Browser: Click normally in front of the first word you wish to select, and then hold down Shift and click at the end of the text you want. Press Ctrl-C to copy the text. This trick works in all major browsers.

4. Quickly Zoom in and out of a Web Page: Hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse's scrollwheel.

5. Quickly Open a Command Prompt in a Buried Folder: Find the folder in Windows Explorer, and then Shift-right-click it. Select Open command window here.

Other common problems with Windows PCs can also be solved with 5-minute fixes.

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