Furby Skinned And Modded, Is Even Weirder Than Before

You remember the Furby--those gibberish-speaking toys from the late 90s? A recent YouTube video shows one getting skinned, and hacked, and it looks like something out of Terminator 2.

To start, Julie Watai skins the Furby; With the fur disconnected from the base Julie is able to unrap the fur just like peeling a banana (mmm, potassium). With the Furby skinned and the plastic body exposed, Julie says "Disgusting, isn't it?" Indeed.

Next up, Julie begins soldering wires to the Furby's PCB. And to make it so that she can reprogram the Furby, she solders switches to the wires, a meticulous task. She also installed a button that resets Furby.

She then puts Furby's fur back on. Now when furby is on it will react to your movements and touch because it has sensors all over it's body. Watch Julie Watai's video on YouTube to see the hack in action.

[Julie Watai via Japan Probe via Gizmodo]

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