30 Days With Ubuntu Linux: Day 1

30 Days With Ubuntu Linux
30 Days With Ubuntu Linux: The Complete Experiment

Day 1: 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux

Day 2: Wow--That Was Really Easy

Day 3: Dude, Where's My iTunes?

Day 4: Tweaking the Look and Layout of Ubuntu Linux

Day 5: You Invited Me to This Party

Day 6: In Search of Unity

Day 7: Lessons from the Unity Trenches

Day 8: Setting Up E-mail in Evolution

Day 9: Testing Out Some Twitter Tools

Day 10: A Look at the Ubuntu Software Center

Day 11: Weighing LibreOffice as a Microsoft Office Alternative

Day 12: VPN Success, Finally!

Day 13: Playing Tunes in Banshee

Day 14: I'm an Ubuntu Unity Convert

Day 15: Cloud Syncing and Streaming with Ubuntu One

Day 16: EXT4 vs. NTFS

Day 17: Exploring the Top Panel

Day 18: What Is This 'sudo' You Speak Of?

Day 19: Using 'man' and 'grep'

Day 20: Editing and Making Movies

Day 21: Enough Already With the Updates!

Day 22: Spread Out and Get Comfortable

Day 23: Would You Like Some Wine With That?

Day 24: More Secure By Default

Day 25: Tracking Personal Finances

Day 26: Connecting Peripherals

Day 27: Working With GIMP

Day 28: My Five Biggest Ubuntu Linux Complaints

Day 29: Five Things I Like Most About Ubuntu Linux

Day 30: What I Learned from 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux

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