Free BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App Gets Official

Research In Motion (RIM) initially released the new BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing application in early April to a select group of BlackBerry smartphones users via its BlackBerry Beta Zone test center, but today, the BlackBerry-maker made the software officially available to all U.S. and Canadian RIM smartphone users running device software v5.0 or higher.

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, which lets users quickly and easily invite other BlackBerry owners to a teleconference, add new teleconference info to their mobile calendars, connect to conferences with a single click, and more, is now officially available via BlackBerry App World, RIM's mobile software shop.

I'm a big fan of BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, and anyone who frequently employs conferencing-call systems will be sure to find a friend in the new app, since it can really simplify the whole connection process and even automatically reconnect you to an ongoing call if you're accidentally disconnected.

Check out my first impressions of the new app, along with a few more screenshots. You can download the software from App World, and visit for more official details.

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