Hack Brings 3G Voice Calls to the iPad

Remember when the iPad was announced, and how how people joked that it was just an oversized iPhone? Now, thanks to a new app, it kinda is. PhoneIt-iPad is a jailbreak-only iPad app that brings both texting and voice calling to Apple's tablet--all using the 3G cellular data network.

Created by the iPhoneIslam team, who are known for their FaceTime 3G app, this latest hack will see any jailbroken 3G-equipped iPad turned into a fully-functioning phone.

To get in on the action you will need to use a 3G SIM card (not just a standard data SIM) and grab the application from the Cydia store. The app doesn't come cheap, though--it'll cost you $20.

It's a cool hack and all, but it isn't particularly practical. It doesn't do MMS, for one and, you probably don't want to be that guy who makes phone calls on a 10-inch tablet.

If you give this a try be sure to let us know in the comments and tell us how it worked out.

Oh, and please be considerate and take your calls outside!

[PhoneIt-iPad via UberGizmo]

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