Magnetic Powder Turns Silly Putty Into Awesome Putty

[Photo: Mike Warren, Instructables]
In its current form, Silly Putty isn't quite as silly as the name suggests. Add in some ferric powder, like what Instructables user Mike Warren did, and now you're talking--it becomes attracted to anything magnetic.

Making magnetic Silly Putty is fairly easy. First, you'll want to protect yourself from the powder's fine particles by wearing a face mask and gloves, and by working in a well-ventilated room. Once you've taken the necessary safeguards, simply flatten out the putty and add a small amount of powder. Slowly mix it in, watch the putty turn black, and voila, you've got magnetic Silly Putty with all its original charm too.

Now that it's magnetized, you could use it as a fridge magnet, or for picking up small metal objects that may be stuck out of reach or difficult to pick up (say, a sewing needle that you dropped), but it's far more fun to make it follow a magnet around--it stretches right out--or let it "eat" a magnet.

Check out the video below for Magnetic putty fun:

Keep in mind that the magnitized Silly Putty can be a little messy and leave residue beind, especially on clothes and hair. Keep some WD-40 on-hand. Alternately, you can try Mike's tip: Place a magnet on the stain for 24 hours and it may work itself out. If there's still a mark, there's always the dry cleaners.

[Instructables via Popsci]

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