Revenge of the Ugly: 'Beautiful People' Dating Site Hacked

beautifulpeople dating site hackers
A couple of the beautiful people. Source:
Online dating has no shortage of superficiality. But there's superficial, and then there's -- a dating site where users rate the physical attractiveness of applicants and if the consensus is "ugly," the user isn't granted access. reported that due to a recent hack, some 30,000 "less than aesthetically pleasing" people had their profiles approved even though they weren't on par with existing registrants. The virus, which was supposedly perpetrated by a "disgruntled former employee," was given the name "the Shrek virus." So kicked them out -- or did they?

Beautifulpeople hacked
Reading comments by the managing director of, Greg Hodge, to The Guardian, one can't help but assume that this hack is a PR campaign. Here's a taste of Hodge's statements:

  • When asked why he exiled the mistaken members, he said: "We can't just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet."
  • He claimed to feel "very sorry" for the "unfortunate people who were wrongly admitted to the site and believed, albeit for a short time, that they were beautiful."
  • Hodge added that will set up a helpline with counselors to help the rejected cope with the discovery that they aren't as breathtaking as some dopey-eyed silver-haired foxes. has not commented on the suspicions of security firm Sophos that this hubbub is just a way to troll for sign-ups and feed inordinately inflated egos through the power of rejection. But if the hack isn't real, maybe someone should call a hacker hotline and get that going.

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