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Dedaulus System Cleaner

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  • Generic Company Place Holder Dedaulus System Cleaner

NOTE: Due to reader complaints and issues with this program we are temporarily blocking downloads pending our investigation

It'll do more as well, including showing you all programs that load on system startup, and deleting and uninstalling programs. Don't expects bells or whistles or a fancy interface. But for straight-ahead, simple system cleaning, this is a winner.

You should be aware that this program has anomalies that may prove problematic for some people. When you install the program, the installation screen will have buttons with question marks ??? on them. Click the leftmost bottom button to install the program.

In addition, the program does not include an uninstallation program, and will not show up in Windows uninstallation feature. You can, however, remove it manually, by deleting its files and associated folders. First exit the program, and make sure that your Web browser is not at the help site associated with the program. Then go to the folder where you installed the program --- by default it is named Dedaulus_sc1.6_en. Delete that folder and you'll get rid of the program.

--Preston Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Dedaulus System Cleaner

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